Sequoia Capital in China caters to two kinds of clients: the founders and management who have selected us as their funding partner, and the limited partners who entrusted their capital with us. We strive to meet the expectations of both, especially the former.

We have learned that the only way to help develop a fabulous company is one step at a time. This only happens if the company makes wonderful products or delivers a service that thrills large numbers of customers. If that occurs then founders, management, and employees of these companies prosper. It is only then that the investor deserves to be rewarded. It has to happen in that order. There are no shortcuts.

Business Foundation

China’s rapid and sustained economic growth is a thrilling yet vivid experience for all of us. Many entrepreneurs in China are still relatively recondite today, but tomorrow they will turn their small companies into worldly admired business empires. Sequoia Capital in China is aimed at helping them realize their dreams.

The Entrepreneurial Partner

The combination of wisdom, ambition and opportunity is invincible. Almost every entrepreneur, when first received our investment, was staying in the backstage rather than exposing themselves to the spotlight. We are pleased to be the partner of these industrious and steady entrepreneurs without caring much whether they have glorious identities.

Investment Stage

In our focused sectors, we invest into different stages of a company with different funds under our management. For a company at an early stage or a growth stage, we can invest from RMB 1 million to USD 100 million.

Investment Area

Sequoia Capital in China primarily focuses on four sectors:
• Healthcare
• Consumer/service
• New energy/clean tech/advanced manufacturing
However, companies we invest are not limited to these areas.

The Entrepreneurs Behind The Entrepreneurs

Sequoia Capital has been lucky to be the earliest institutional investor in a number of great companies. We are also the key partner of the entrepreneurs who founded them. It’s estimated that 20% of the NASDAQ’s value is made up of firms that Sequoia Capital has invested in. Sequoia Capital is the first investor ever to gain such an honor.

Some of these companies invested in the United States are listed below:
Steve Jobs, Apple
Larry Ellison, Oracle
Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack, Cisco Systems
Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo!
Michael Marks, Flextronics
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google
Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, YouTube
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

Some of these companies invested in China are listed below:
Chris Chen, VanceInfo
Leo Chen, Jumei.com
Lieming Ding, Beta Pharma
Qiangdong Liu, JD.com
Ya Shen and Xiaobo Hong, VIPshop.com
Jingbo Wang, Noah Private Wealth Management
Jian Wang, Jun Wang, BGI
Xing Wang, Meituan.com
Wenbin Yao, Ourpalm
Hongyi Zhou and Xiangdong Qi, Qihoo 360
Tao Zhang, Dianping.com

Our Contributors

Sequoia Capital was founded in 1972, with about 30 funds under management. Sequoia Capital in China now manages seven USD funds and three RMB funds since it was founded in September 2005.

Most of Sequoia Capital’s contributors are well-known educational, charitable organizations as well as leading institutional investors. On average, they have been cooperating with Sequoia Capital for more than 25 years. Contributors to Sequoia Capital in China include celebrated entrepreneurs, as well as leading institutions, insurance companies and government organizations. Many of our limited partners have outstanding performances in their investment careers, which has also inspired us to achieve even better performances.

The vision of Sequoia Capital in China is to drive forward industrial and social progress through supporting entrepreneurship and innovation to empower an array of high-value businesses that leverage technical innovations to cater to customers’ demands.

Our Momentum in China

Since founded in September 2005, Sequoia’s China investment team has been growing steadily. It is now comprised of more than 50 investment professionals. Identifying themselves as the "The Entrepreneurs behind the Entrepreneurs", they are working diligently as a powerful and professional team to deliver innovations and great integrity.

Combining global perspectives and resources with local operations and decision-making, in just nine years, Sequoia Capital in China has established and maintained extensive partnership with a host of industries in various regions. It now has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Suzhou.

So far in China, Sequoia Capital has had a vast portfolio comprising of nearly 150 fast-growing companies that deliver high return on investment with differentiated technologies and innovative business models. Most of them have chosen Sequoia Capital as their major funding partner. About 30 of the portfolio companies have gone public and some of them are growing as industrial leaders.

The Future

Our future depends on the actions we take now. In order to keep making new investments, we have to make more founders and management satisfied with our performances in the investments we already made, which means we have to fulfill our promises.

Contact Us

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