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CH Biomedical

CH Biomedical, Inc., founded in 2008, is committed to the independent R&D, production and sales of ventricular assist device (VAD) with technological breakthrough. By continuously providing excellent service for professional medical teams and patients, CH Biomedical, Inc. is dedicated to making a wider range of heart failure patients and their families enjoy a healthy and happy life.
After more than ten years of independent R&D and technological accumulation in the field of fully magnetically levitated VAD technology, CH Biomedical has successfully developed CH-VAD and achieved its clinical application. CH-VAD boasts the first fully magnetically levitated VAD approved for market in China. At the same time, the product has built a complete set of independent intellectual property rights which have been approved in the United States, China, Europe, Japan and other countries. At present, CH Biomedical is actively preparing for the international clinical trials and global commercial market expansion of CH-VAD. With the breakthrough in the key performance indicators of CH-VAD, CH Biomedical has gained the international reputation as a technological breakthrough maker, and continued to demonstrate the strength as a global technological leader. In the future, CH Biomedical will continue to be dedicated to promoting the innovation and development of the VAD industry through the collaboration of global advantageous resources in this field.